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End Grain Boards
  • End Grain Boards


    Our Luxury End Grain Chopping Boards are built to last.


    Our family of boards are available in high end oak and rich walnut. 


    There are several stages to making the perfect end grain chopping board:

    - The raw lumber is perfectly planed before it is jointed and clamped under high pressure. The glue is strong, waterproof and foodsafe.

    - After 24 hours of tight clamping the board is re-planed, cut and assembled into the final design before it is again glued and re clamped for another 24 hours.

    - Finally each board is sanded for that silky finish and finally oiled with a tung oil. 


    You will be buying a strong, durable chopping board that not only looks great but is also kind to your kitchen knives.


    If you are a professional looking for a special serving board or simply wanting a statement piece for your kitchen, then the end grain wooden chopping board is the perfect choice. 


    Please contact us with any specific requirements as we will make these chopping boards to order. 



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