Have yourself a merry sustainable Christmas

'Sustainable Christmas' is hot right now and rightly so.

We wanted to explain a little bit about what Woodcutter Creations are trying to do to make our business as sustainable and kind to the planet as possible and also why sustainable can mean beautiful.

Firstly, let's look at traditional decorations that adorn most people’s houses over the festive period. There is plastic and other less desirable material galore. Most products to a greater or lesser extent contain plastic and have plastic packaging and presentation materials needed to get them shipped safely from the other side of the world.

Another aspect to consider is the end of the product life. Most decorations and unloved gifts will be sent to landfill which as we know takes many, many years to break down. That's far from great.

So what can you do and what are we doing here at Woodcutter Creations HQ?

Firstly, let's look at the raw material we use to form our decorations and models.

We use poplar ply... what's does that mean? Well it is a very clean high-quality plywood, grown in Northern Italy in environmentally award winning forestry processes.

It arrives to us as a full sheet and is processed in the workshop. We use a laser to cut the intricate shapes needed and there is very little waste. You might think a laser would use a lot of energy, but is actually only uses the same as a standard household light bulb!

The glue is also formaldehyde free so that reduces the nasties.

Our shipping methods for larger parcels use Carbon neutral carrier. All our packaging is plastic free and most of it is home compostable too! If you do ever get any plastic packaging from us, it is definitely recycled. If at some point in the future you are finished with the product then it's easily biodegraded either at home or commercially.

Unfortunately not all our suppliers have as yet found solutions to packaging as we have

but rather than throw it out we will use it to pack out a box as needed.

So hopefully you can see that not only will your decoration or wooden piece look great, but you can feel confident that the whole process had been thought through, to try and make sure you are buying as ethical and as low impact as possible!

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